New Podcasts

Over the last twelve months, I regularly used to listen to Hanselminutes and .NET Rocks. However, my interest in .NET technology somehow covers only a part of the “.NET Universe” (for example, I’m not particularly interested in Silverlight or ASP.NET).

Therefore, I more and more skipped one or the other episode and eventually unsubscribed from both podcasts. This leaves the question how to fill the void.

There’s help, of course. I’m now subscribed to the new “Build and Analyze” podcast hosted by Dan Benjamin and Marco Arment (of Tumblr and Instapaper fame). Great stuff, I really enjoy listening. Absolutely recommended.

The second new subscription is about This Developer’s Life. The style of this podcast hosted by Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman is a reminiscence to This American Life. In the same way that This American Life features typical or not-so-typical american stories This Developers Life provides coverage of a software developer’s daily business. It’s an unusual approach and I really enjoy the show.