Praise for Reeder

Thanks to Michaels Weblog I was directed to a new RSS reader that so inexplicably far escaped my radar: Reeder.

What an awesome piece of software! Although technically still in public beta it works like a breeze and I was instantly feeling at home. I have tried other readers like the popular NetNewsWire but I never felt comfortable with any of them. Somehow the overall experience never took off.

From the point of view of functionality there’s hardly any missing feature (well, beyond the ability to manage subscriptions, that is). Plus, as mentioned before, the tool is designed in an intuitive way that I can effortlessly figure out which control to use for which task.

One of my personal highlights is the readability button that delivers only the textual content of an article without the “overhead”.

And yet, I managed to find an instance of one of my favorite software pet peeves in Reeder. The preference setting for “Mark all as read” uses twisted logic such that the checkbox is labeled “without confirmation” and is by default unchecked.

Why not label the checkbox “with confirmation” and check it by default? This yields the same behavior but appears to be a lot more intuitive!

Reeder also comes as an iPhone app. I shall have a look at it.