C++ - the 'Infamous Interview'

It has been a long time since I first spotted this spoof and from time to time I use to go back and have a smile. Today, I was inspired to do so by a conversation on Twitter.

My personal relationship to C++ has been ambivalent from the beginning. When I first got wind of it I used to program in Ada 83 and really enjoyed it at that time. I simply had no use for an alternative, impressive or not.

Later in my career, I have been doing some development in C++ and although I never understood the need for so many different and intentionally incompatible variations of the string data type I more or less came to master it. And yet, it would be an exaggeration to say I positively liked the language.

In hindsight, after many years of working in managed environments (i.e. Java/Eclipse and C#/.NET) I tend to question the need to go back to C++ again. I have seen and created software running on .NET that I would never have expected to perform that well in the beginning. And yet, it did. In other words, the often heard “performance argument” in favor of C++ might have become a dull weapon after all.