App Store Quirks

So, I understand that the App Store app is supposed to find installed software that’s available on the App Store. In this case the price tag disappears and is replaced by a label saying “installed”.

The thing is, the detection of installed software inexplicably fails in some cases, at least on my machine. For example, a while ago I have purchased a license of the Ringer app. And sure enough, the freakin’ App Store app tells me that the software is not installed on my machine and offers to purchase it through the App Store.

I have no idea what differentiates apps that are properly detected from apps that remain unconsidered as far as the App Store is concerned. It’s not the directory in which they are located. It’s also not whether or not the app is built upon some cross-platform toolset.

After all, only a minority of the software that could potentially be detected by the app is properly recognized. On a related note, a large portion of my gear1 is not even available in the App Store. Mind you, (most of the time ;-) I’m not doing rocket science. Just the every-day stuff that supposedly many others also use.

But I guess it is safe to assume that this will change rapidly. I have seen many announcements of creators of popular Mac software that their apps will soon be available on the App Store. There’s hope, at least.

  1. like, say, 80%