The Secret of Success

“The secret of success turns out to be so incredibly simple: Work your ass off. Really care about what you’re creating, not the fame or fortune you’ll get. You’ll succeed.”

Kudos to Wil Shipley for nailing an intrinsic problem of today’s software industry: Success, and Farming vs. Mining

Let’s face it, these days Wil’s conclusion seems a really old-fashioned point of view. And yet, I couldn’t agree more.

All those companies spending tons of VC capital for nothing (and without the slightest idea how to monetize their market position) make me feel bad about the prospects of our entire industry.

Yes, I’m using some of the services offered by companies that clearly fall into the “miner” category. And yes, it is nice to use a service without having to pay for it. And still, it leaves a nagging feeling that there is something wrong with the entire approach.

Plus, there are further downside like downtimes and unavailability that I rightfully wouldn’t tolerate if I was a paying customer.

Eventually, some of the “miner” companies come up with the brilliant clue to monetize by placing ads in their products. At that point, latest at that point, I’d personally rather choose to pay (if I believe that the service is worth the money) in exchange for an ad-free service or simply stop using it.

The “miners” are ubiquitous. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be a netizen and successfully manage to avoid being involved with the “miners” in one or the other way.

After all, that doesn’t help my feelings about the entire idea behind the “mining” approach. I’m a “farmer”1, and proud of it.

  1. I’m also not an entrepreneur. Think of it in the spirit of “I’m a Mac - I’m a PC” ;-).