A Plea for Echofon

Lately, I’ve heard some people discussing Echofon on iPhone and eventually dismissing it for being buggy and cumbersome to use1. As the result of the wide variety of Twitter clients around, everybody seems to have different preferences; especially on the iPhone, Tweetbot is getting some attention at the moment, sparked by a very positive review on Daring Fireball.

Marco Arment also writes about Tweetbot and although he regards the app as quite nice he also concludes that it is nothing more than the usual set of Twitter features wrapped into a bunch of graphical sugar.

Well, this is exactly what makes Echofon stand out of the crowd. There is actually one feature which I quite like. It is the ability to synchronize the latest read tweet between Echofon clients running on Mac OS and iOS devices:

Echofon’s signature syncing feature keeps your unread tweets in sync between devices. You can pick up where you left off when switching between Echofon on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or our Firefox extension.

I am not aware of any other Twitter client available on different platforms that comes with a similar feature.

  1. I sort of agree to the opinion that Echofon for iPhone is cumbersome to operate in the preferences section. There, I certainly could see some need for improvement for the sake of usability. However, it is also true that the timeline is much more important than the preferences section and reading the timeline in Echofon is flawless.