Arguably, Instagram is one of the most popular apps on iOS. Given the large user base and enthusiastic community it is hard to understand why the software is so unstable. On my iPhone it used to cause all kinds of crazy behavior:

  • iPod app stops playing when Instagram is put in the foreground
  • entire phone crashes so that it needs a solid reboot
  • Instagram pops into foreground without reason, chrashes phone in the process
  • After launching the app just shows a blank white screen

I like the idea behind Instagram although to some extent I have to agree to criticism that the quality of the pictures is not very good. On the other hand, people use it for the fun rather than for supreme quality of pictures.

Knowing that an app is under active development and maintenance releases are coming in at a steady rate, I’m very open to tolerate irregular behavior to a certain extent. And yes, Instagram used to be updated quite frequently over the time I have used it.

Unfortunately, all the updates finally did not seem to stabilize the software. Enough is enough and that’s why Instagram is now gone for the time being. And yet, this is not implying that I’d dismiss the app forever. Let’s see, I might have a look at it after some time and give it another try.