You Have Chosen to Open Certain File Types Automatically After Downloading

This evening and out of sheer curiosity I went to download Chrome to find out what had happened to it since the time I gave it a good kickin’.

While casually browsing through the preference pages I found out that, shockingly, Chrome would automatically apply the default “open” function on every file I download.

Or so I thought. This is what the page looks like:

After some searching I came across a support document that solved the riddle. It turns out that the automatic opening actually is deactivated if the setting looks like the above screenshot.

If it is activated it look like this:

See the difference? Unambiguous, eh? Dunno, maybe it is just me but I find this highly irritating. Why can’t Chrome just display a different and less misleading text in the preference view depending on whether or not the automatic opening is activated?