Too Good to Be True

Let me try to put this straight. There is this new service1 on the Internet that - out of thin air - offers unlimited storage for just 10 bucks a month and people can’t wait2 to send the entire content of their hard disks to their servers?

Very well, but the promises sound too good to be true and I personally have no issue with waiting for some time as to whether and how the promises are kept before I even consider to put all my data willingly on someone else’s server.

Indisputably, even established services have their problems with implementing the level of data security that their customers are expecting. It may or may not be that bitcasa is better than the competition.

Actually, I’d be thrilled to learn that bitcasa was indeed the silver bullet of cloud storage with full data security. But until that time I’ll be fine to watch others do the testing. If it all goes wrong, at least it was cheap.

  1. The providers of this service (despite their claims of being former employees of companies that use to deal with sensitive user data) so far have no track record or reputation whatsoever but promises ultimate data security.

  2. After all, the thing is still in beta.