That Explains It

Note: I will not be switching — in part because Readability seems a lot like Things to me whereas Instapaper feels more like OmniFocus. We all know where I stand in that debate.

OK, I see. So, Instapaper feels like Omnifocus in the same way that Readability feels like Things?. I have to say that I like Instapaper a lot more than I like Omnifocus1. But maybe, as I seem to be more of a Things type, I also got to like Readability. So be it …

Before coming to the above mentioned conclusion, Brooks reasons about the motives of Readability and why he has a problem with Readability simply because he don’t understands the motives. Maybe it is just me, but if that is really an issue I’d like to see the list of other services on the Internet that he may have similar issues with. If he’d be honest it should be nothing but a long list.

I mean, just look at the hundreds of companies burning VC money like crazy. Others selling the users of a service as the product to advertisers. Even if in some sad cases the motivation is more or less clear it does not mean that folks would feel more comfortable about it. Google, Twitter, Foursquare, Path, you name it.

I’d totally be with Ben Brooks if the conclusion is that services with a clear business model that is based on selling the service rather than selling the users are to be preferred over ragtag “free” stuff. I’m happily willing to pay a decent amount of money for a quality service and whenever I’m confronted with the selection of an ad-subsidized free app vs. a paid app I don’t hesitate to opt for the paid one.

But I digress. Let’s get back to Readability vs. Instapaper. As mentioned before, I do not fully agree to the analogy created by Ben Brooks.

But here is my take:

Readability seems a lot like Chrome whereas Instapaper feels like Safari.

For clarification, both Instapaper and Safari are good products that provide a solid value but they just don’t speak to me in the same way that Chrome and Readability do.

And that’s why I use Chrome as my preferred browser and Readability as my preferred provide-good-reading-experience-and-sometimes-read-later service. I’d be happily using Safari if there was a reason not to use Chrome any longer. And the same way, I’d happily be using Instapaper if there was any reason not to use Readability any longer.

  1. Despite giving it the ususal try, I have never gotten warm with Omnifocus. I simply don’t understand why so many people seem to be so partial about it.