It Reminds Me of Instapaper

In a way, it reminds me of the early days with Instapaper. Marco confesses to being an engineer and not a designer, and for a while Instapaper was not exactly the most attractive app on your iPhone. But the functionality and ease-of-use blew any ill feelings towards the UI right out of the water. And over time the UI of Instapaper has been refined into the piece of art that it is today.

Intriguing read! Obviously, this statement is closely related to what Ben Brooks had to say about the relation of OmniFocus to Instapaper vs. Readability to Things.

So, the understanding is that both Omnifocus and Instapaper are a bit rough around the edges in terms of the design but are both based on a solid technical foundation. More on OmniFocus:

The UI has certainly been refined from that initial mockup, and yes you can refine bits of the UI yourself by using custom icons in the menu bar and custom colors, fonts, and spacing for the lists. But overall the app’s interface could still use some refinement and some breathing room.

According to Ben Brooks, so could Instapaper?