Sign Up, It's Free

I sense an unholy tendency on the Internet towards the usage of user accounts signed up for service A for the mere purpose of being able to use service B. The latest exhibit in this category that appeared on my personal radar is Wavii that requires a Facebook1 account. There is no other way to use the service other than having a Facebook account.

Sure, this means that approximately 1 billion humans on this planet could have instant access to wavii without the hassle of having to create yet another user account with yet another password for yet another service if only they cared.

Turns out that I’m not particularly interested in Wavii but what if I were? What if it was something different that I’d really liked to use? I’d positively hate to decide between either signing up for Facebook2 or some other web behemoth with the single purpose of becoming able to use a totally unrelated service or else simply not be able to use said service at all.

A couple of days ago I received an invitation from the local Java User Group for one of their regular talks. Registration was supposed to go through their Xing3 event page. Needless to say that the registration for the talk requires an account with Xing. Only by visiting the JUGS web site I recognized that there was an additional option to register via e-mail.

I don’t know. For some folks there may be a point of linking accounts on that level. But, please, please, pe-lease, make it an option rather than the only way to go.

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  2. This is the highly unlikely part.

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