Menu Bar Icons

Pretty soon I’ll need a 30” monitor for the sole purpose of being able to accommodate all those menu bar icons. Most of them are pretty useful, so I would have trouble sorting out some that I could deactivate for the sake of still having some screen real estate on the menu bar.

In the light of the current software development trends, it should have been clear from the beginning that using menu bar icons for everything under the sun couldn’t possibly scale.

Every single utility makes use of a menu bar icon and while it is literally possible to run thousands of these utilities concurrently on a single machine it is totally impossible to make use of the menu bar icons that come with the software.

Maybe it would be a killer app idea to create a utility that can build a stack or (come to think of it) a grid of an arbitrary number of menu bar icons1, similar to what iStat Menus can be configured to behave.

Until this happens, I need to either actually opt for the 30” display or else filter out those icons that are not absolutely required more rigidly.

  1. Admittedly, I have no idea whether any of Cocoa’s APIs support such a behavior. Someday I should at least try to gain some foothold in Cocoa, just for the sake of it.