It’s official, Apple’s latest contribution to the iOS ecosystem flopped. Tough luck.

Apple’s podcast-playing app is an abomination of which we really shouldn’t speak. I didn’t even like the idea of reinstalling it on my iPhone to get screenshots.

While this statement seems a bit harsh it certainly has a true core. I tried Podcasts.app for a day. It took me some time to get used to it and my overall verdict is that admittedly the app does more or less what it is supposed to do but the the user experience is horrible and surprisingly unintuitive.

I’m done with it.

Why didn’t Apple do better with their own official podcast client? It is safe to assume that when creating Podasts.app Apple did not have the geeks in mind. Apple is in the consumer business and therefore they supposedly designed the app along the requirements of a “mainstream podcast listener”.

Whoever that may be …

I have met a number of people who openly enjoy listening to podcasts but, as far as I can see, I would not comfortably count any of them to the camp of “mainstream podcast listeners”.

It may be just my limited point of view, but for me listening to podcasts is true nerd territory and that’s where the home turf of apps like Downcast or Instacast rightfully lies. In other words, it seems highly questionable whether there is such a thing as a market for “mainstream” podcast clients.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the reception of Podcasts.app in the app store is at most lukewarm. The app is yet to meet with the intended user base on a larger scale.