Crazy Day

Today sees two software products that have been under development for what felt like ages to their respective audience go totally different ways.

Things 2, on the one hand, has been released into a bright future, or at least that’s what everybody hopes. TextMate 2, on the other hand, goes south, er, open source.

My personal excitement about Things 2 is rather limited since I switched away from it some time ago, not for the lack of features that were missing at that time and may now be available, but because I found something better.

I tried out OmniFocus a couple of years ago, found it overly complicated and, at least for me, unusable. Then I picked up Things and happily used it for some time, until a point where I gave OmniFocus another chance.

And guess what, it worked for me. It may be fair to say that I graduated from the Things school of GTD to set off for the next step in my education, which is get to master OmniFocus.

As for Textmate 2, I don’t have much to say. I have never really used it beyond giving it a trial (it lost the competition to BBEdit). I understand that the idea is that some able developer is supposed to take pity of the code and fix it. A long shot, if you want my opinion.