iPad Mini

Some features are just features, like a camera, but the resolution of a display isn’t a feature. It’s integral to the product. It’s like trying to sell a car with a fuzzy windshield. Everything you do with the Mini is a reminder that you could be using a nicer product.

I don’t really agree to the general gist of the article such that the iPad mini would never have shipped under Jobs. I believe that commenters are right to think that the iPad mini has already been in the pipe while Steve Jobs was still in power.

However, this excerpt from the article strikes a nerve.

Sure, every reviewer agrees that the mini would be a better product with a retina display but so far, it does not seem that it keeps people from openly stating their preference of the mini over the iPad (4). The reduced weight may be good reason for that but I am still not convinced.

BTW, this is why the orchestrated reviews of products are often worthless. I invite Mossberg, Pogue or Gruber to re-review their iPad Mini now, a week after their initial reviews, and let us know if they’re actually using it. And if they still think it’s a winner.

Dito. The first impression of the new product may easily help to ignore a characteristic that received so many glaring reviews only six months ago.