Out of Fairness

Out of fairness, I feel obliged to follow up with my previous article, in particular I’d like to mention that after some weeks of working nearly without flaws, Instacast’s sync mechanism stopped working completely on my devices.

I have tried reinstalling the app, I have tried logging out and back into my account, to no avail. I just could not get the thing back to work and I have found no help on the Internet so far.

Given that, I switched again to Downcast because Downcast fits my needs better in terms of which use cases I’d like support. For example, in a playlist I like to group all episodes of one podcast even if there are episodes of other podcasts released in between. That’s simply how I roll, just my personal preference.

Anyway, in Downcast this setting is possible whereas I have found no way to get Instacast into supporting this behavior.

The bottom line is that I have (once again) been going full circle on my podcatcher preferences and I’m back where I started. It seems as if - for the foreseeable future - I will have to live with iCloud’s unreliability for non-Apple apps.