App Miscellany

Some remarks about stuff that I’ve come across recently. Each remark for itself is probably not significant enough to justify the creation of a separate article about it. Here we go:

Mail Pilot

Apple’s Mail.app for iOS has some issues, but one important drawback for me is that it strangely won’t let me delete e-mails. You read that right, whenever I delete an e-mail a little pop-up comes up and complains that Mail.app is unable to actually delete the e-mail. Sure, the e-mail will be gone from the list but next time I open Mail.app it will be back in the list. Every. Single. Time.


That’s why I’m constantly looking for a suitable replacement. However, the market for e-mail clients that are not limited to Gmail1 is not very big.

Unfortunately, the few apps that are available are mostly junk. This was also my first impression about one of the most prominent clients that can do more the Gmail: Mail Pilot.

I tried it a couple of months ago and, after some days of using it, deleted it from my devices because it was pretty much unstable an full of bugs. I got back to it after a recent update and, lo and behold, the update fixes a lot of things and this earned Mail Pilot a spot on my first home screen, at least for the moment.

There are still a lot of weird effects, e.g. e-mails that have long been moved out of the inbox will reappear in the inbox right after starting the app and then disappear again after one or two seconds.

And still, there’s hope that further updates will eventually justify the stiff price tag.


I don’t really know whether it is iOS7 or Pushpin itself, but if you launch the app and try to log into your pinboard account the password field will disappear (and a new screen slides in from left to right) the very moment it gets the focus and then it will be impossible to enter the password.

However, this happens only in landscape. Put the app into portrait and everything will work as advertised.

Reeder 2

Reeder 2 has got a lot of attention after it launched recently. I gave it a spin and discovered that the app does not support the “Sparks” supergroup in your Fever feed. I did not believe this and contacted the developer for confirmation. And yes, “Sparks” is not supported.

That’s it for Reeder 2, as far as I’m concerned. I like the app for it’s visual appearance and I had hoped that the same attention went to the part that’s under the hood. I really don’t understand what makes supporting “Sparks” so much more difficult than supporting the “Kinding” supergroup. Tough luck, at least for the foreseeable future.

  1. It is either really simple to access Gmail via API or else all the makers of Gmail apps are creating their products in hope of eventually being acquired by Google.