Is 3 Ready for Prime Time?

A big update is preparing to be rolled out for my favorite text editor: Sublime Text. The transition from Sublime Text 2 to Sublime Text 3 is somewhat painful as the internal API for the creation of so-called packages has undergone a massive change.

This change made the availably of packages for Sublime Text 3 somewhat limited at the start of the “private” beta phase1 and therefore switching early was not an option for the vast majority of users.

This situation has massively improved and the point of being able to switch from version 2 to version 3 is coming closer and closer2.

Me, I’m already past that point as it turns out that the packages that I rely on mostly are already available for Sublime Text 3. It’s great to be able to enjoy the new features.

How do you find out?

Go to this web site and paste the content of your Package Control user settings file into the text field. Then press the button labeled “Can I Switch?”. A nice idea and well executed. There is even a package available for Sublime Text 2 that streamlines the overall workflow of finding out.

  1. During this phase, download of the app was possible for everyone but you needed a valid license key for Sublime Text 2 to run the app.

  2. Of course, the answer heavily depends on the individual set-up and therefore your mileage may vary when it comes to this question.