Goto Statement Considered Harmful

I can’t believe that no tech blog is running this line in the wake of Apple’s disastrous SSL bug that recently got fixed in iOS a couple of days sooner than on OSX.

It is hard to believe that none of the usual suspects have a background in computer science solid enough to not immediately get reminded of Dijkstra’s classical piece.

I fully understand that it is not actually the goto-statement itself that caused the issue, but still, the opportunity for the pun is too good to be missed.

Whatever the background of this incident, it got me switching from Safari to another stint with Opera as long as Safari was known to be vulnerable.

I was delighted to see that Opera has been updated in the meantime and now comes with the ability to sport a bookmarks bar, one of the most features I was missing the most in my short piece about the browser.

Personally, I don’t need a full-featured bookmarks manager. The bookmarks bar, however, is essential for using Javascript bookmarklets in the browser. That’s a thumbs up for that feature.

Another issue that I have been complaining about is that tendency of Opera to require the discrete GPU for rendering specific web sites and then maintain the usage of the discrete GPU even if the respective tab has been closed in the meantime.

Well, this issue can now at least be remedied by using Opera’s built-in task manager to kill the offending process and release that discrete GPU from being used.

As far as I understand, the task manager is also a new feature available since the release of Opera 19. I’d still prefer if Opera would refrain from requiring the discrete GPU in the first place but the task manager at least makes the issue, well, manageable.

In total, that makes two important improvements in one release and this is giving me some confidence in the browser.