Reeder 2 for Mac

Finally, Reeder 2 for Mac is in beta and available for download off the website. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and couldn’t, like many others, wait to get some first-hand experience.

A lot of what makes Reeder Reeder is already visible in the beta. The overall color choices, the screen layout, the animations. Speaking of which, I’m not necessarily a big fan of animations, but for Reeder I have always made an exception.

However, a surprisingly lot of features is still missing, and the app is very open about missing pieces that will (hopefully) fall into place later. Going into more detail at this point may render the article overly critical, which is neither intended nor warranted because the shortcomings may very likely be fixed any time soon.

I like what I’ve seen and will keep an eye on the further development. In other words, I tend to take the current package as what it is: a demonstration unit that is far away from showing the full production polish, not ready for day-to-day use.

It takes courage to expose such a prominent, if not iconic app in this shape to the public and I applaud Silvio Rizzi for this move.