You Read It Here First

Several years ago, I was wildly speculating that Amazon might release a tablet with two displays: LCD and e-ink, one on each side1.

This didn’t happen, but now The Verge runs an article about the YotaPhone 2 does exactly that.

I still find this approach interesting, although I can see the downsides in terms of price and device thickness. I’m also not sure how the existence of two displays impacts the mechanical stability of a device with a (well, approximately) 5” display.

And yet, what if this becomes2 the new normal a couple of years into the future? I probably wouldn’t be unhappy about it.

  1. I’m trying to omit the terms front and back for the obvious reason that it may depend on your point of view to decide which is which. It seems that there is only one side with a speaker at the top and this may help to settle the issue.

  2. I know, I know, several years ahead display technology will blow everything that we know now out of the water. But still.