Day One Sync

I’ve had my troubles with the storage options provided by Day One, and in the last few years I’ve put everything onto Dropbox because this option used to be way more stable and reliable than using iCloud.

Yesterday, the folks at Bloom Built released a new storage option to the world: Day One sync. I couldn’t resist trying it out. Let me tell you: this thing is fast! Switching over several years worth of journal entries took less than a minute on my iPad.

Of course, only time will tell whether the new option is also reliable but the first impression makes me trust the developers of this feature. Plus, there are hints that the new storage option will be taken as the basis for a much improved feature set:

Beyond syncing, this service is vital to the future of the Day One platform. It lays the foundation for numerous features in the future, including:
• Multiple journals
• Web-based version of Day One
• Shared journals
• Multiple photos
• Journaling via email
• API and IFTTT integration