And Now?

Software has issues, and software on iOS is unfortunately no exception to this rule. From time to time, as I stumble upon something unexpected I usually I go ahead and report the issue back to the developer, go through one or two iterations of making my point better explained1, and hope for the best.

Thus was my first impulse in the case that I’m going to unfold in this article. But then it occurred to me that I don’t understand the problem to the extent that I could even decide where to aim the bug report to.

Take Unread. Take Instapaper. Take the combination of the two in form of the Instapaper extension launched from within Unread.

OK, here’s my story. What happens is that the first time I swipe right in the article view of Unread, select “share”, and then the Instapaper extension, everything works just fine. The shared article appears in the Instapaper queue just fine. No complaints.

The second and all following times (until Unread gets restarted) I try to use the Instapaper extension again I’ll be presented with the list of extensions configured on my device, only the Instapaper extension does not appear.

It is also missing in the list of extensions, as if I did not have Instapaper installed on the device. Which is quite regrettable, because it happens that I want to add more than one article to my Instapaper queue and I get hit by this issue every single time.

The only remedy is to use the Safari extension to open the article in Safari and then launch the Instapaper extension from within Safari. And sure enough, the Instapaper extension launches from Safari, every single time.

Going back to Unread, the extension is missing again. As if it wasn’t there.

OK, but what happens if I, say, use the Evernote extension from within Unread? Will it also be missing the second time I try to use it.

Nope, it’s there, right next to the Instaper extension that magically appears again, after I used the Evernote extension to save an article.

I have heard of many complaints about extensions being reordered frequently. But I haven’t heard of extensions just going missing, and then reappear again out of thin air.

So, who should I complain to in the hope to get this annoyance fixed?

All of the above?

  1. to be fair, the developers are usually quite open to my support queries. In many cases I just fail to describe the issue as precise as I should have.