El Cap and My Printer

Beta versions of software are always good for a surprise and this is especially true for beta versions of system software. After trying out the current beta of the new OS X release (a.k.a. El Capitan) it turned out that my printer (a Dell C1765nfw) would no longer work.

The PrinterProxy displayed an error message along the lines of

Stopped - ntdcmsmac open fail:dlopen(/usr/lib/dlthm1zcl.dylib…

I went to my preferred search engine and it came back with a couple of hints that suggested trouble:

Perhaps you need to disable sip before using your printer. Some folders in /usr/ directory has[sic] been locked due to sip.

Well, System Integrity Protection (SIP) is here for a purpose and I wouldn’t want to permanently disable it only to be able to use my printer. I needed a better solution.

Since I wasn’t able to find the solution that finally worked for me on the Internet1 I’d like to share it here (the usual caveats apply):

  • Download the latest printer driver.
  • Reboot into OS X’s recovery mode.
  • Open Terminal and deactivate SIP by typing csrutil disable. The purpose of this is to let the printer driver’s installer properly do its job.
  • Reboot.
  • Run the printer driver’s installer.
  • Try out printing. Yes!
  • Reboot into recovery mode.
  • Open Terminal and re-activate SIP by typing csrutil enable.
  • Reboot.
  • Try out printing. Still: yes!

I’m pretty sure that there will be a less painful solution for this issue once the dust has settled. But for the moment this approach worked pretty well for me.

  1. After all, I was tipped off by this page about how to disable and enable the SIP.