Sublime Text Development

Sublime Text is my favorite text editor, on both OS X and Windows. I started using it around three years ago, and haven’t looked back (much) since then.

At the time I switched to Sublime Text, the editor was out in version 2. Nearly one year later, Sublime Text 3 was officially announced. At some point, every holder of a Sublime Text 2 license was entitled to download a beta or development build of Sublime Text 3 and give it a spin.

Since early 2013, a long sequence of dev builds for Sublime Text 3 used to appear on the download page, and progress was visibly made. But then, the stream of new builds went dark around mid of July this year: no new builds for nearly half a year.

Incidentally, the last tweet from @sublimehq dates even further back. On top of that, the Sublime Text user forum is unavailable. Pages attempt to load for a long time and then finally display an error message. It is hard to believe that this issue has gone unnoticed.

As an outspoken fan of Sublime Text, I can’t help wondering what has happened. I’m assuming that the pause1 must have some cause, and I hope there’s nothing bad going on. I ran a couple of searches but couldn’t come up with further clues. Nobody seems to have any reliable information about the state of affairs.

At the same time, the user community is really going strong. Submissions to Package Control keep coming in at an incredible rate. Lots of useful extensions are available, and many of them are crucial for the overall experience, i.e. extend the core tool substantially with respect to a given feature.

Of course, even if the build from last July turns out the last one for Sublime Text the software will be fine for probably a long time coming. Even in daily usage, I very rarely run into a problem. But still, I’d like to see the product under active development and I hope that there’s some solution, one or the other way.

  1. At least, that’s what I hope is happening.