This blog is created on top of the Octopress framework. This means that I use to write the articles in markdown and use the kramdown parser to convert the stuff to more or less proper HTML.

I’m particularly grateful that kramdown supports apocryphal extensions to markdown that go beyond the canonical set of features. I like to have the ability to e.g. use footnotes a lot.

For creating and editing articles, I mainly use Byword. Preview is taken care of by the excellent Marked.app. Otherwise I just generate and then preview the site using my local installation of pow.

Brainstorming and pre-filtering (while already being able of writing in markdown) is done in nvALT, a fork of the note-taking app Notational Velocity. Huge thumbs up for Brett Terpstra for creating both Marked and nvALT.

The font used for headers and articles in this blog is Open Sans. The “eye-catcher” is set in NeoRetroDraw, available from FontSquirrel. The overall site design has been inspired by this article on The Joy of Hack.

Furthermore, I’d like to mention that this is a strictly non-commercial site. Given proper attribution, content may be reused under a similar license to the CC BY-SA 3.0.

Last not least, I probably should point out that the opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer. Just in case.